Poultry In Motion CD

Dear Musicologist,

We believe that like the hens themselves, our music needs to range as free as possible.  Free the MP3-bird!  In that spirit we humbly offer you our music to download, share, use, disturb the peace, dance, and for whatever else you can think legally possible.  Like the poultry that free ranges that needs support in order to survive, thrive, and (pro)create, we too ask your support when you can for our music.  If your pockets are empty, please take our tunes, free.  When abundance comes back around, throw us some chickenfeed if you can.  Aloha, happy peckin' and scratchin', and enjoy the tunes along the way.   Click here to download our tunes.

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 Poultry in Motion is now available for download on itunes! 

Poultry in Motion - Jimmy Chickenpants


You can also download the cd from CD Baby

Jimmy Chickenpants: Poultry in Motion

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