Our New CD is finally here!!!

We are really excited about finally burnin' the pants onto disc.  Have a listen to some of the tunes and check out the link to download the CD on the sidebar!

Who IS Jimmy Chickenpants? No one really knows, but the band hails from the Santa Cruz area. They traditionally put the 'hick' in 'chicken' with music that combines bluegrass, newer-grass, jazz-grass, and original-grass, otherwise known as "Poultry In Motion". Jimmy's influences apparently include Bill Monroe, Gillian Welch, Bela Fleck, Duke Ellington, and most significantly, Rocky the Petaluma Free Range Chicken.Jimmy Chickenpants is not on any "No Fly" lists, as far as we know, so please check the schedule, and come enjoy some “Free Range Pickin’”!


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 Poultry in Motion is now available for download on itunes! 

Poultry in Motion - Jimmy Chickenpants


You can also download the cd from CD Baby

Jimmy Chickenpants: Poultry in Motion

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